Top 5 favourites from WFH.

Melly Tango
2 min readSep 15, 2021
A kangaroo fast asleep.

As a new librarian of fewer than two years, I have come to find things I enjoy each time we go back into lockdown and having to work from home. Each day I look forward to reading social media and blogs posts on how to make lockdown tolerable. In that space of time, I have developed my own top 5 activities. I wake up every day with the hope of a better tomorrow, reality bites. Like everyone else, I have stopped planning holidays. Then I developed stamina when plans and events get cancelled due to lockdown. Travelling was one of my favourite activities in the world. It is on hold for now.

Here are my top 5 favourite things since working from home.

Sourcing sound effects for video content.

I must say, I rarely get the chance to help put together a video for my workplace. I tend to make a simple video from my travels for my family and friends’ consumption. Nothing like YouTube influencer videos — Like and Subscribe. When I got a chance to help out, I went out looking for sea shanty, crying babies and squawking seagulls. It was a pretty fun process.

Participating in online trivia via Zoom

On the odd occasion, the staff are treated to a trivia session via Zoom. We have a lovely host and wonderful competitive groups of players. My team and I are yet to reach the top three. One of these days, it will be ours — bragging rights.

Presenting in webinar

One of the big crises of lockdown was we were not allowed on-site. We could not conduct tours or workshops on-site. The library has shifted most programs online (minus tours). We learned to deliver talks and webinars on Zoom. I do not have a radio host voice or manners to date, but I am learning to read and breathe while nervous.

Learning to use new platforms

Mural visual collaboration (Post It) is a platform. You get allocated to a random animal upon entry. Oh, talk about the choices of different shapes and coloured Post-It notes.

Wearing an Oodie to online meetings.

My home can get draughty in the morning during winter, and it can be challenging to sit through four meetings in the cold. When I saw Oodie trending on the news, I was like, this is brilliant, just what I need for now. It is sooooo…. super comfy! No need to turn on the heater and dries my skin.

Overall, I am developing skills and doing it comfortably from home. These days there is so much to rejoice. I’m thankful and hopeful for the future.



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